Sendfox Review And SendFox Lifetime Deal

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SendFox Review + Lifetime Deal

SendFox is an email marketing platform that allows users to create and send newsletters, automated emails, and targeted campaigns. Sendfox’s email marketing tools are affordable for beginners. Get a lifetime deal of sendfox at just $49.

If you are in need of SendFox review, you’ll find everything you are searching for on this page. Discover the SendFox yearly or lifetime offer details here. Marketing has always been a key component of any business venture. It serves your industry well when it is executed the right way. A popular technique of modern marketing is email marketing. Email marketing is creating a plan to reach your demographic in a more personal way.

This SendFox review introduces a newcomer who is also part of the Sumo family of tools, an email marketing platform designed for content creators that is affordable and straightforward.

Noah Kagan, Founder and CEO of AppSumo, has created an email marketing tool that is shaking up the industry. SendFox allows users to easily send email campaigns to a large list of recipients. The platform is simple to use and is affordable. SendFox has quickly become a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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What is SendFox?

SendFox is an email marketing platform that allows users to create and send newsletters, automated emails, and targeted campaigns. The platform offers a wide range of features, including segmentation, automation, A/B testing, and integrations with other platforms. SendFox also provides users with detailed insights into how their campaigns are performing.

With SendFox, users can design beautiful email templates, create custom segments, and track the success of their campaigns with real-time reports. SendFox also provides users with the ability to A/B test their email campaigns to see which version performs best.

SendFox is one of a collection of Sumo Group services produced by the former head of Facebook, Noah Kagan, and are now used by millions of people.


  • Send as many scheduled and automatic emails to your contacts as you like.
  • Create branded emails, landing pages, and forms with built-in functionality.
  • Integrate with a variety of your favorite tools, like, King Sumo, Zapier, API, and others.
  • Best for: Content providers that want to convert followers into consumers, such as bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers.

SendFox – Features

Get your email campaigns to the next level with SendFox’s powerful features! Create beautiful, responsive emails in minutes with SendFox’s easy-to-use editor.

SendFox is a new, feature-rich email marketing tool that offers users a wide range of options for creating and sending newsletters, as well as tracking the success of those newsletters. SendFox’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple to design beautiful, responsive newsletters, and its powerful tracking features help you measure the impact of your campaigns.

  • All-in-one email marketing solution
  • Email and Smart Campaigns
  • Multiple Lists
  • Automations
  • Landing pages
  • Multiple Domains In One Account
  • Easiest way to grow your business
  • Email marketing that’s simple and effective

SendFox – Price

Sending large files over the internet can be a pain. Email attachments are often too large, and file-sharing websites are slow and inconvenient. Sendfox is a new file-sharing service that aims to make sending large files as easy as sending a text message.

Sendfox is fast, secure, and easy to use. Just enter the recipient’s email address, attach the file, and hit send. The recipient will receive an email with a link to the file. They can download it at their convenience. Sendfox is available in free Version. There is also a paid premium service that offers unlimited storage and faster downloads.

  • Free Plan
  • Lifetime Plan
Sendfox Price

SendFox Free Plan

If you want to give it a go for free. Sendfox’s Free plan has the following limitations:

Limitation Details

  • Sending Server: normal
  • Max Contacts: 1000
  • Double Optin: Required
  • Automation: No
  • Smart Pages: Maximum 1
  • Contact list: Maximum 3
  • Forms: Maximum 1
  • Sendfox Branding: Normal
  • HTML Editor: No

SendFox Lifetime Plan

Within this lifetime deal, you can avail additional features compared to the payfort package. First, the sendfox lifetime package deal costs $49. With this life plan, you do not have to pay additional money for this utility from now on. Specifically, the sendfox package contains the following features:

Limitation Details

  • Sending Server: Better
  • Max Contacts: 5000
  • Double Optin: Required
  • HTML Editor: No
  • Sendfox Branding: Reduced
  • Smart Pages: Unlimited
  • Forms: Unlimited
  • Contact list: Unlimited
  • Automation: Unlimited

SendFox – Pros and Cons

It’s an excellent email marketing device to use, but it has some weaknesses. The downsides force individuals to stay away from using it in their marketing strategies.

SendFox – Pros

  • The emails are mobile-friendly.
  • The analytics are powerful.
  • Evaluate and preview the feature.
  • RSS feed feature provides functionality.
  • You could add multiple domain names to the same account.

SendFox – Cons

  • You cannot add attachments to your email.
  • You may not insert images into your emails.


In conclusion, Sendfox is an excellent way to manage your email and increase your productivity. It is simple to use and has a variety of features that can help you get the most out of your email. It allows you to easily manage your email, schedule messages for later, and track responses.

FAQs – SendFox

How much does SendFox cost?

You can get a lifetime subscription to the SendFox service on AppSumo for just $49.

Is there any money-back guarantee when buying SendFox?

Yes, you’re eligible for a full refund within 60 days, regardless of the reason.

Who is SendFox?

Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo and other popular online marketing tools such as Sumo and KingSumo, developed SendFox. Thanks to SendFox, companies are able to send newsletters via email to their customer bases.

Who uses SendFox?

Businesses mostly utilize the SendFox portal, and popular businesses also use the portal.

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